You can buy a centronics 14 pin female connector to connect to previous equipment

adsi p/n 40188005 price $6.23 + shipping and handling.

2nd source digikey norcomp inc. 111-014-203L001 

3rd source NEW 14 Pin Centronics Female Cable Mount Connector 57-60140 – MarVac Electronics

4th source 265292080193

This is pin out of the 700 connector. page 5

Horizontal is pin 9 red to pin 10 black to ain3 using xy-109.  If you use time base you do not need this.

Vertical is pin 2 red to pin 3 black to ain0 using xy-109

if you use the pen lift 7 red to 14 black, this will connect to the fio0-3 on the compucorder
then configure pen lift Compucorder.pdf (  page 26