Driver information is down below. Based on your serial number ending with D or M, that has a 25 pin serial communication connection which might need an older driver. If you have a serial port connection, you'll need driver 2.15j (See information below). If you have a USB/Ethernet connection, you should be good with the latest.

Download ADSI's Latest Driver
Our latest driver can be downloaded on our website: 
I've attached a document that will assist in the download if any issues arise.

Serial Adapter Driver and Cable
If you are using a USB-Serial adapter the driver will need to be downloaded for that before connecting anything. 

USB-to-Serial cutters should use Version 2.15j or 3.02e and can be found here:
Version 2.15j is not compatible with Windows 11. 

ADSI recommends using the connection cables below, as other cables may work but have not been tested with newer operating systems:
25 pin to 9 pin Serial Cable: PL-00-02-125-9 $22.80
Serial to USB Adapter: H05-325 $32
USB-A to USB-B Cable: H05-360 $19.50