The most likely cause of not being able communicate with the printer via network is that when the printer is power cycled it might have changed its IP address.

You can check this by going to the front panel of the printer and navigating to the network setup:

Press Enter -> Configuration -> Network -> IPv4 Address -> (verify it matches your Wasatch settings)

There are 3 options available to choose from to communicate with the printer:

1) Use a wireless network to communicate with network drives and run a direct wire between laptop LAN connection and printer.

2) Buy a local switch that you plug printer and computer into and then connect the switch into the network.

3) Plug the printer into a network switch and plug computer into the network switch.

Option 1 is fastest transmission speed but it defaults to APIPA protocol which makes the IP address of both computer and printer change every time it is powered on. In this case you can tell the printer to keep its currently assigned address:

Press Enter -> Admin Setup -> password = 'aaaaaa' then press enter -> Network Setup -> IP Addess Set -> change from Auto to Manual (you will see * when setting is saved) -> go back to Network Setup -> IP Address -> Manually set IP address and press Enter (you will see * when setting is saved) -> Press Online

Then enter this address into the Wasatch settings.

Options 2 and 3 use the servers IP address assignment protocol (DHCP) to assign IP addresses.  Some routers do not save the IP address used. 

The best way to use printer if this is your option is to manually assign an IP address outside of the DHCP range.  Then use the procedure above to set the IP address.