For cutters with the Serial Communication connector: 

Many older cutters will have an issue after a Windows 10 update as the driver is affected by Windows 10.  

Windows will often load a new driver that's not compatible with the old serial to USB driver adapter.  Sometimes it can be rolled back (see attached) but it may update again.  The problem is sometimes apparent when you go into Device Manager, expand the 'ports' heading, right-click on the serial to USB, select 'properties', and view the 'drivers' tab.  

Please refer to the attached procedure for steps to rollback the driver.
This should resolve the issue, if it's not communicating, let us know exactly what happens when you attempt to run the driver install.  Normally, it will seek and find the cutter, install the driver, and execute a test cut at the end to confirm operation.

If you are still having issue please create a support ticket.